Disconnecting the Neutral Bond to Frame

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For certain generator applications, a qualified electrician may recommend removing the neutral bond to the generator frame, resulting in a "floating neutral." Feeding electrical power to a house through a transfer switch which does not switch neutral may be one example. These instructions illustrate a method for removing the neutral bond from Champion Power Equipment generators.

Tools required: 7 mm and 8 mm wrenches or sockets and electrical tape.
Time required: 0.15 hr (9 minutes).
WARNING: Consult a qualified electrician to ensure compliance with local safety and electrical codes. 
  1. Remove the two 7 mm bolts holding the yellow, round cover on the end of the generator.
  2. Remove the 8 mm ground-neutral bond connection.
  3. Separate the white, neutral wire from the green ground wire.
  4. With electrical tape, securely wrap the neutral wire and tuck it under the existing tie wrap. Alternatively, disconnect the white jumper from the terminal block, as well, and permanently remove the jumper.
  5. Reattach the green, bonding the wire with the 8 mm bolt. 
  6. Place the yellow cover on the generator end and secure with the two 7 mm bolts. 

View and download the PDF version here.

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