Q13: How do I run my generator in the rain if I'm instructed to operate my generator outdoors, far away from occupied buildings with the exhaust pointed away from people and buildings?

Updated 1 year ago by Juan Velez

A: With advance notice, you can build a shelter for your generator in a location that protects it from the rain. To build a temporary shelter, use a pipe structure around the generator or use a sheet of wood and some 2 x 4s. Make sure the structure is built high enough and far enough away from the exhaust in order to allow plenty of space. Also, ensure there is proper ventilation on all sides so the exhaust fumes don’t gather underneath the structure. Leave plenty of space between the exhaust and the shelter, and allow plenty of space above or away from the exhaust.

See https://www.championpowerequipment.com/generator-safety/how-to-keep-your-generator-safe/ for more information on generator safety.

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