Winch Mounting Kit Installation

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This covers the following Champion Power Equipment models: C12008 (ATV Mounting Kit).

Please note: Read instructions completely before performing service.

  1. Begin installation by placing your winch upside on a flat surface. Take the two longer bolts of the four included and place them through the appropriate base plate holes.
  2. Place the mounting channel on the winch, be sure to align the holes in the mounting channel to line up to the base plate of the winch and then line the include 1 1/4" hitch bar up to the mounting channel. Be sure the hole for the hitch pin is facing the backside of the winch. Install and tighten down included nuts.
  3. With the winch, mounting channel, and hitch bar all attached, turn the winch right side up and install the roller fairlead to the front of the mounting channel with the included bolts.
  4. Remove the clevis hook from the winch cable to feed the cable through the roller fairlead and reinstall the clevis hook.
  5. Assure all bolts are tightened well, using Loctite will ensure all hardware is securely fastened.
  6. Slide the receiver bar into the receiver of your vehicle and secure it with the included hitch pin. Be sure to secure the hitch pin with the included security clip.
  • This winch mounting kit is designed specifically for a two-hole mounted winch. Four-hole mounted winches can be mounted to this kit through installation requires hardware to be purchased. When purchasing bolts to mount the kit with Grade 8 steel is highly recommended assure strength.
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