Circuit Breaker Installation

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This covers the following Champion Power Equipment models: 79cc - 439cc Engine Powered Generators.

Read instructions carefully and completely before performing service.
  1. Remove the four corner bolts on the front panel (10mm) and lower panel carefully without applying any stress to the wire harness.
  2. Remove the three screws from the black plastic control box, covering the electrical components. Once the screws are removed, place the control box out of the way for later use. On the front side of the panel loosen the lock nut on the front of the circuit breaker. Once removed, push the breaker through the hole and release the wires with some pressure on the terminals.
  3. Install the new breaker in place of the old one and install the wires on the back of the breaker. There is no special order to the wires.
  4. Re-attach the black plastic control box to the back of the control panel and attach the control panel with the four bolts previously removed (10mm).
  5. If you continue to have issues with your circuit breakers, please confirm your load by using the following formula: Multiply the amps of the load times (appliances, and be sure to double it for starting motors) by the voltage (120 or 240) to get the running wattage or starting wattage requirements. If these loads exceed the running and surge capacity of the generator, then the load is too much for the generator.

View and download the PDF version here.

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