My brand new product is missing parts.

Updated 2 years ago by Juan Velez

Purchasing a new product with missing parts can be frustrating. We are here to ease that frustration. You have a couple options for getting these missing parts replaced:

  1. Call our tech line at 1-877-338-0999, Monday through Friday, between 8:30-5 PM PST. Information you should have available at the time of the call answer is the model and serial numbers of the product you have. You must also present us with a copy of the sales receipt for warrantied procedures. The copy can be faxed to 562-236-9429 or emailed to us. 
  2. Email us here with the model and serial numbers of the product and a copy of the purchase receipt. 
Register your new products here.

Using your generator manual as reference, find the parts list and write down the item number, the quantity, and the description. We will send the missing parts out immediately. 

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