How to Choose the Right Log Splitter

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Log Splitter Buying Guide

  1. Type of Wood Being Split
  2. Freshly Cut or Seasoned Wood?
    1. Freshly cut logs (GREEN) that have not had an opportunity to season/dry have a higher moisture content and a slightly green or yellow color to them.
    2. Seasoned wood (DRY) has lost most of its moisture by evaporation and will have a more faded color - either brown or gray.

Freshly fallen wood will be very moist (green) and will be difficult to split. It will take more tonnage to split through it effectively. The moisture in the wood will evaporate with time making the wood more brittle and easier to split.

If your plan involves splitting green wood, you will need to have a more powerful log splitter and exercise some patience.

  1. What's the Log Diameter?

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