iLINK App Quick Start Guide

Updated 4 months ago by Scott Henning

Before continuing, switch on the Bluetooth® signal on your smart device,found under settings.

  1. FIRST TIME USER – Download “Champion iLINKTM” app to your smart device, from either Google Play (Android) or App Store (Apple/iPhone).
    1. Launch App – You will go through an educational tour on: Connecting, Champion Dashboard, Notifications, and reaching our Technical Support Team should you have any questions. Upon completing the tour, press “Get Started” and proceed to step 3.
  2. IF THE APP IS ALREADY ON YOUR SMART DEVICE – Launch the“Champion iLINK” app and proceed to step 3.
  3. On the generator, turn the Fuel Selector Dial to Gasoline (right) or LPG Propane (left) mode.
  4. Press the START/STOP Button once. The button will flash amber. This puts the system into Pairing mode (if dial is straight up, it turns off Pairing mode).
  5. Your smart device should recognize your generator on the “My Generators” screen. Press connection to your Generator and enter your 4-digit PIN code  (default PIN code: 0001).
  6. Press “START” on your smart device and the generator will attempt to start up to six (6) times in Gasoline mode or four (4) times in LPG mode. If generator fails to start, refer to “Troubleshooting” in Operator’s Manual.

*Lose Your PIN#? – Reset PIN by pressing “Forgot PIN” on the Dashboard, then press and hold the red button behind the main outlet panel, or following instructions in the Operator’s Manual.

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