What is the difference between running watts and starting watts?

Updated by Scott Henning

When using an appliance that has a motor, you will need to compare the running current (amps) with the starting load. For instance a 1 hp capacitor start electric motor typically runs at about 1500 watts, but has a starting load of about 4500 watts. This application would be considered at the upper edge of the model C46535 performance and may not be suitable for your needs. Our larger model 5500w generator would be much more desirable for your use. A peak or surge rating would only be good for a few seconds until the motor spins up to its operation RPM. In the event that the startup load is too high, it will cause the generator to labor and possibly stall from too much electrical loading. Air compressors and commercial grade circular saws are common problems with this possible for the compressor or saw to work properly. 240v motors will usually require less amperage for their operation which is a better condition for your generator. 

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