Reprogramming Wireless Remote Control for Winches

Updated by Juan Velez

This bulletin covers the following Champion Power Equipment models: All Wireless Remote Winches

Please read all the instructions carefully and completely before performing this service.

  • To reduce the risk of injury, user must read and understand the operator’s manual before using this product.
  • DO NOT make any adjustments to the product without first stopping it.
  • Injury from moving parts.
  1. Press and hold the ON/OFF button for three seconds (LED will turn on) to turn the remote ON.
  2. Press and hold the IN and OUT buttons for 20 seconds (LED will flash 1x per second) to clear the current programming.
  3. Release the IN and OUT buttons when the LED is on and no longer flashing (after 20 flashes).
  4. Press and hold the IN and OUT button for three seconds. The LED will turn off then back on. When the LED is back on, the remote has been programmed.

View and download the PDF version here.

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