Finding the Engine's Manufacturer Date (Pre-2011 Engines)

Updated by Juan Velez

This bulletin covers the following Champion Power Equipment models: All Champion Power Equipment products equipped with gasoline-powered engines built before 2011.

Read the instructions carefully and completely before performing the service.
  1. Make sure your engine is turned "OFF" and has cooled sufficiently to allow handling.
  2. Locate the engraved serial number on the side of the crank case.
    See below.
  3. The Date of Manufacture (DOM) indicator may be found within the engine's serial number. Locate the first four digits (all numbers) of the serial number.
  4. You may decipher the engine DOM as follow:
    See below.
    1. First two digits = Year
    2. Second two digits = Month

      Example: 1008 = August 2010

View and download the PDF version here.

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