Can I use the twist-lock receptacle on my generator with my RV?

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I have an RV with a 3 blade plug-in but I can’t connect it to the twist lock receptacle on this generator.

Since our generators may have either one or two twist-lock connectors, you may find the need to purchase separately the correct plug for your generator. If you have a generator with two twist-lock connectors built in, then you would use a plug with NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Assn.) no. L5-30P (3 blade). The receptacle on the generator has the mating female blade holes for entry. Your wiring would be only 3 wires that would include a ground, a neutral and a black lead from an interface cord that would plug into the RV receptacle plug.

If your generator has only the 120v/240v outlet, then you must use a NEMA plug no. L14-30P for your application. This plug can be wired for 120v or 240v applications. When using your RV as an application, you would obtain an RV connector plug for the RV end. This would be wired as using only 3 of the 4 blades on the L14-30P plug. The L-shaped blade is the ground. Directly opposite from the ground blade is the neutral blade and each of the other two blades are the hot blades. The hot blades are each 120v. Using only one of the hot blades will give you the 3 wire configuration you will need for the RV application. Using 4 blades would allow the 240v to be configured. DO NOT attach both 120v hot blades together at any time. Doing this will void your warranty and damage both generator and your appliance from excessive voltage. If in doubt at any time, please call our 24hr. technical line at (562) 204-1188. You will receive a quick response to your questions.

Note - When using the 4 blade plug-in for your 3 blade RV connection, it is possible to pick the hot blade that may only be breakered with a 15A circuit breaker. If this is the case, you can identify it by visually seeing the R/H breaker popping out of the dash panel. It will cool and can be pushed in to reset. If this happens, you need to change the hot wire to the other unused terminal of the L14-30P plug. You will now be connected with a 20 amp breaker which is the L/H on of the pair next to the ignition switch.

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