Adjust the Governor Droop

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This bulletin covers the following Champion Power Equipment models: All Champion Power Equipment products instilled with a 717cc or 754cc engine.

Please read all the instructions completely before performing the service.
  1. Engine speed droop is different in RPM from high speed no load (HSNL) to 100% load where throttle is close to touching WOT stop.
  2. The main governor spring is normally in hole #5 to target 240 RPM (4 Hz) droop.
  3. The factory may set the spring in the other hole # to adjust for batch variation. 
  4. Governor may need to have droop reset for the following reasons:
    1. After many hours (300-500 hr.) of operation to compensate for wear. Droop usually gets wider with wear. 
    2. If the generator is experiencing wide speed droop from HSNL to 100% load.
    3. If the generator is experiencing speed instability/speed hunting due to tight droop. 
  5. If the engine has many hours on it (300-500 hr.), then reset the governor to WOT first. 
  6. To reset the governor droop do the following:
    1. To tighten the droop, move the governor spring closer to the governor shaft paddle pivot (a lower hole #). 
    2. To widen the droop, move the governor spring further away from the governor shaft paddle pivot (a higher hole #). 
    3. Reset the engine speed to 3750 RPM (62.5 Hz) HSNL.
  7. Check the running performance for droop and stability:
    1. If the droop is adjusted too tight, then you may encounter a no load speed hunting.
    2. Load the engine to 100% load; droop should be near 240±60 RPM (4±1 Hz).
    3. HSNL should be 2750 RPM (62.5 Hz), and mid-load operation should be near 3600 RPM (60 Hz).
    4. Flick the throttle or governor lever to upset the speed balance. The engine speed should recover and run steady within 8-10 seconds. 

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