Resetting the Governor to WOT

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This bulletin covers the following Champion Power Equipment models: All Champion Power Equipment products instilled with a 717cc or 754cc engine.

Please read the instructions completely and carefully before performing the service.
  1. The engine governor may need to be reset to WOT (wide-open-throttle) for the following reasons:
    1. After many hours (300-500 hr.) of operation to compensate for wear.
    2. If the carburetor has been removed for cleaning and re-positioned.
    3. If the generator is experiencing wide speed droop from HSNL to 100% load.
    4. If the generator is experiencing speed instability/speed hunting. 
  2. To reset the internal governor flyweights to carburetor throttle WOT position, do the following:
    1. Remove the main governor spring. If the spring is left on the spring, force can flex the governor link and cause a setting error, poor droop, and stability performance. 
    2. Loosen the M6 nut that tightens governor lever to governor shaft paddle.
    3. Use a light 2-finger torque [2-7 in.-lb. (.23-.79 N-m)] on the screwdriver to turn the governor shaft paddle screw CCW to seat the governor flyweights down at the WOT closed position. 
    4. Use a light 2-finger push on the governor lever towards the carburetor to seat the carburetor throttle lever up against the WOT stop.
    5. Tighten the M6 nut to [8 ft.-lb. (11N-m)]. Be careful not to push the governor lever off of the carburetor WOT stop. 
    6. Reinstall the main governor spring into hole #5.   

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