Basic Service Information for Champion Engines 196cc and above.

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This bulletin covers the following Champion Power Equipment models: Champion Engines of 196cc and above.

Read the instructions carefully and completely before performing this service.

Change the oil when the engine is warm. Refer to the following chat to select the proper grade of oil for your operating environment. 

  1. Remove the oil drain plug with a 15 mm socket and extension. 
  2. Allow the oil to drain completely. 
  3. Replace the drain plug. 
  4. Remove the oil fill cap/dipstick to add oil. 
  5. Add the correct amount of oil and replace the oil fill cap/dipstick. 
  6. Dispose of the used oil at an approved waste management facility. 
Spark Plugs

Intermittent use (less that one hour/month) or colder temperatures (below 60 degrees F) NGK B6ES or equivalent 

Moderate use (less than 3 hours/month) or seasonal temperatures (50-80 degrees F) NGK B7ES or equivalent 

Extreme use (conditions) or hot climates (80-100 degrees F) NGK B8ES or equivalent

  1. Remove the spark plug cable from the spark plug. 
  2. Use the spark plug tool that shipped with your generator to remove the plug. 
  3. Inspect the electrode on the plug. It must be clean and not worn to produce the spark require for ignition. 
  4. Make certain the speak plug gap is 0.7-0.8 mm (0.028-0.031 in.). 
  5. Refer to the spark plug recommendation chart when replacing the plug. 
  6. Carefully thread the plug into the engine. 
  7. Use the spark plug tool to firmly install the plug. 
  8. Attach the spark plug wire to the plug. 
Air Filter 
  1. Remove the snap-on cover holding the air filter to the assembly. 
  2. Remove the foam element. 
  3. Wash it in liquid detergent and water. Squeeze thoroughly dry in a clean cloth.
  4. Saturate in engine oil. 
  5. Squeeze in a clean absorbent cloth to remove all excess oil.
  6. Place the filter in the assembly. 
  7. Reattach the air filter cover and snap it back into place. 
Spark Arrester 
  1. Allow the engine to cool completely before servicing the spark arrester. 
  2. Remove the two screws holding the cover plate which retains the end of the spark arrester to the muffler. 
  3. Remove the spark arrester screen.
  4. Carefully remove the carbon deposits from the spark arrester screen with a wire brush. 
  5. Replace the spark arrester if it is damaged.
  6. Position the spark arrester in the muffler and attach it with the two screws. 

Use a damp cloth to clean the exterior surfaces of the engine. Use a soft bristle brush to remove dirt and oil. Use an air compressor (25 PSI) to clear dirt and debris from the engine. Inspect all the air vents and cooling slots to ensure that they are clean and unobstructed. 


The air-fuel mixture is not adjustable. Tampering with the governor can damage your generator and your electrical devices and will void your warranty. CPE recommends that you contact our service line at 1-877-338-0999 for all other service and/or adjustment needs. 

Maintenance Schedule

Follow the service intervals indicated in the following schedule: 

Service your generator more frequently when operating in adverse conditions. Contact our help line at 1-877-338-0999 to locate the nearest Champion Power Equipment certified service dealer for your generator or maintenance needs. This is to be performed by knowledgeable, experienced owners of Champion Power Equipment certified service dealers.

View and download the PDF version here.

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