Operation at High Altitude Jet

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This bulletin covers the following Champion Power Equipment models: All Champion Power Equipment products instilled with a 717cc gasoline-powered engine.

Please read the instructions completely and carefully before performing the service.
  1. Unlock fasteners (1) by rotating them 90 degrees to the counterclockwise position. Remove the air cleaner cover (2) by pulling it forward. 
  2. Remove the air filter (3).
  3. Loosen the fuel hose clamp (4) and remove the fuel hose (5). Loosen the breather tube clamp (6) and then remove the breather tube (7). 
  4. Disconnect the taking-up spring (9) and remove the governor link (8) and from the carburetor throttle lever. 
  5. Disconnect the choke link (10) from the control arm by pulling up on the retaining clip (11), and then remove the choke link from the carburetor choke lever. 
  6. Disconnect the wire harness connector (12) from the carburetor fuel-cut solenoid. 
  7. Remove the bolts (13). Slide back the air cleaner elbow (14), gasket (15), and carburetor (16). 
  8. Remove the float bowl screws (17). Lift the float bowl (18) straight away from the carburetor body. 
  9. Remove the float assembly (18) and the o-ring (21) from the carburetor body.
  10. Remove the o-ring (22) from the float assembly (18). 
  11. Remove the main jet assemblies (23) by pushing them out from the top side of the float assembly (18) using a suitable rod such as 1/8" pin punch for jet removal. 
  12. Insert the high altitude jet assemblies (24) from the bottom side of the float assembly (18). Using a suitable rod such as a 1/8" pin punch, press the jets until they are flush with a float assembly surface. 
  13. Install o-ring (22) and gasket (25) into the float assembly (18).
  14. Install the o-ring (26) to the carburetor body.
  15. Install the float assembly (18) to the carburetor body.
  16. Install the float bowl (17) to the carburetor body; tighten the screws (16) to a torque of 3.9 Nm (25 in.-lb.).
  17. Reassemble the carburetor/float bowl assembly onto the engine in reverse order of steps seven to one. Torque the carburetor/air cleaner elbow bolts (12) to 9 Nm (78 in.-lb.). 

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