Recoil Install for 3100W Inverters

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This bulletin covers the following models: 100204, 100387, 75537i, 100476, 100396, 100233, 100264, 100262, 100158, 100523, 75531i, 100477, 100263, 100269, 100261, All similar body style inverters

Please read the instructions carefully and completely before performing the service.
  1. Remove the screws and bolts from the left side panel.
  2. Unscrew the bolts on the controller module and take it out. (If using a remote start or electric start version, unscrew the bracket with the controller module and the four battery bolts. Take our the battery and unplug all the connectors on the controller module and remove the entire bracket.)
  3. Loosen the cable holder on the recoil cover.
  4. Unscrew the three bolts from the recoil assembly. Remove the two screws of the handle orientation plate at the panel side. Take out the recoil assembly with the handle orientation plate.
  5. Pull the rope out for some length and secure a stop-knot at the recoil cover end.
  6. Remove the recoil handle and orientation plate.
  7. Unscrew the bolts from the recoil cover and remove the recoil assembly.
  8. Put the new spring into the pulley if needed to replace a new spring.
  9. Put the new rope into the pulley and secure it with a stop-knot. Next, rotate the rope clockwise (spring side towards you [about 3.5 turns]) until the rope aligns with the open slot on the outer edge of the pulley.
  10. Apply lubricant or grease to the shaft of the recoil cover and insert the pulley into the recoil cover.
  11. Pull the rope into the slot and take the loose part of the rope inside the pulley and rotate the pulley about three turns (counterclockwise) until the tension spring resists. Hold the pulley from reversing until the rope is ready to wind back onto the pulley. Feed the rope out to the hole of the recoil cover and pull it through the guide hole on the outside of the recoil cover. Place the guide plate/pull handle on the rope and secure it with a stop-knot.
  12. Place the two detent springs as shown.
  13. Put the two detents into the spring positions with some lubricant. Note the detents must press the springs when installing the detents.
  14. Put the bolt with some lubricant into the press plate, followed by putting a spring to the bolt. The bolt thread can have some locking glue. Put the press plate assembly onto the detents. Lastly, tighten the bolt.
  15. Install the orientation plate with a new recoil assembly.
  16. Install the new recoil assembly and tighten the cable holder on the recoil cover.
  17. Install the orientation plate.
  18. Reinstall the controller module. Be sure to check all the wire harnesses and connectors at a suitable position after the installation.
  19. Reinstall the left panel.

View and download the PDF version here.

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