Q13: How do I run my generator in the rain if I'm instructed to operate my generator outdoors, far away from occupied buildings with the exhaust pointed away from people and buildings?

Updated by Juan Velez

A: With advance notice, you can place a protective Storm Shield Severe Weather Cover by GenTent® over your generator or inverter to prevent severe weather like rain or snow from affecting your unit while in operation outside.

As always, the generator or inverter should be on a flat, level surface in an open area, away from any windows or doors, and should have at least a five-foot radius of clearance all around it.

Click here for more information on generator safety.

Now, depending on the type of portable generator you have, you will want the corresponding Storm Shield.

For standard portable generators of 3000-10,000 watts:

For inverter generators of 2000-3500 watts:



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