Why is my generator galloping in rolling cycles?

Updated by Scott Henning

Air compressors, tile saws, table saws, and industrial vacuums draw as much as 3 times the running load. For example, the average 1 HP electric motor requires about 1500 watt running load. However, under startup, the load exceeds 4500 watts, which is at the high limit for this generator. Whenever any additional load is added, such as the compressor starting with 80 lbs. to 100 lbs. existing air in the holding tank, the electric motor will labor until fully up to its running RPM. 

The same holds true with a circular saw that is cutting through a large piece of wood. As the voltage drops, the amperage increases until the possibility of exceeding the circuit breaker load.

Champion Power Equipment offers a 5500 watt generator that is now available and will easily run this equipment in most cases. It is always important to check the amperage or wattage needs before loading the generator. This will prevent equipment or generator damage. A call to our technical line at anytime including weekends will answer your questions regarding your existing equipment needs.

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