Total Harmonic Distortion

Updated by Juan Velez

Champion portable generators will output an industry standard total harmonic distortion (THD) rating of about 12%-20% depending on load applied. They will produce a sine wave, not a modified or square wave. This is perfectly acceptable for running common commodities found in your home such as TVs, computers, your appliances, etc.

THD is a measure of the deviation of a sine wave from a "perfect" sine wave.  All electricity, including line electricity, has measurable THD.

If you have a specific item that requires less than 3% THD such as a UPS style battery backup, a pellet stove, or high efficiency furnace control board, we recommend purchasing a Champion Inverter Generator (sizes from 1600W to 3500W); Champion DH Series Open Frame Inverter (sizes from 3500W to 8750W) or a Champion Home Standby Generator (range from 8.5KW to 14KW); all units provide less than 3% THD. 

Please consult your specific appliance manufacturer to determine if the appliance requires low THD (less than 3%) to operate properly.

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