Installation of the On/Off Switch (270cc - 337cc)

Updated by Juan Velez

This covers the following Champion Power Equipment models: 270cc - 337cc.

Read instructions carefully and completely before performing service.
  1. Remove the four corner bolts on the front panel where the switch is located.
  2. Carefully lower the panel assembly without pulling on the main wire harness to much.
  3. Squeeze the black dust cover and relax away from the yellow panel. You can see the metal tabs that hold. Place it at this time.
  4. Relax the cover the main wiring harness to allow ample room to work.
  5. By depressing the plastic retaining clips on the inside of the switch, you can release the switch through the panel. Release the plug-in that attaches to the wire harness and remove the old switch.
  6. Insert the new switch in the panel until it locks in place. Attach the wires to the previous locations. After you have confirmed the switch is working, bring the black cover over the panel and reattach the metal tabs. (Note: You may need to reposition the main wire harness boot that goes through the black plastic cover.)
  7. You can reinstall the panel and attach it with the four (6mm) bolts.

View and download the PDF version here.

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