Q5: If I approach the generator that has been shut off, and there are no blinking lights, how do I determine what caused the shutoff?

Updated by Juan Velez

A: Shutoff can occur for several reasons, including low oil, no fuel, or CO.

To troubleshoot the cause of the shutoff, please review the following in order to eliminate low oil or no fuel as causes. 

Low oil  - If the engine starts but does not run, make certain that the generator is on a flat, level surface. The engine is equipped with a low oil sensor that will prevent the engine from running when the oil level falls below a critical threshold. Once oil has been added, a visual check should show oil about 1-2 threads from running out of the fill hole. If using the dipstick to check the oil level, DO NOT screw in the dipstick while checking.

No fuel - If the engine doesn’t start, check the fuel level and add fuel as necessary. 

See your operator’s manual troubleshooting section for “Engine will not start” to learn about other possible causes of shutoff.

See https://www.championpowerequipment.com/generator-safety/how-to-keep-your-generator-safe/ for more information on generator safety.

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