Q4: When the generator shuts off from CO, what should I do next?

Updated by Juan Velez

A: When you approach the generator to investigate a shutoff, if you see a blinking red LED light in the CO Shield area, this means that the generator has been shut off due to an accumulating CO hazard. The red LED light will blink for at least five (5) minutes after a shutoff event. Move the generator to an open, outdoor area and point the exhaust away from people and buildings. Once relocated to a safe area, the generator can be restarted, and the proper electrical connections made. During startup, the red and yellow LED lights will blink eight (8) times simultaneously to let you know the LED indicator is working properly. Return to the location where the generator was shut off to introduce fresh air and thoroughly ventilate the area.

See https://www.championpowerequipment.com/generator-safety/how-to-keep-your-generator-safe/ for more information on generator safety.

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