Fuel Tank Light Indicator Battery Replacement

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The bulletin covers the following models: 100306, 100402, 100414, 100565, All other 2000W Clamshell Models

Read the instructions carefully and completely before performing the service.

Follow the steps below to replace the battery cells (LR1130 x 2) on the Fuel Tank Light Indicator for 2000W Clamshell Inverters.

  1. Use a small screwdriver to disassemble the upper cover. NOTE: There is a notch on both sides to allow access with a screwdriver.
  2. Move the round copper cover plate and remove the battery cells.
  3. Keep the small spring attached to the copper pillar and place the compressed spring back into the bottom of the assembly. NOTE: The compressed spring will have the small end facing outward.
  4. Place the new battery cells back into the assembly with the negative (-) pole facing upwards and the positive (+) facing towards the compressed spring. Move the round copper cover plate to cover and touch the button cell.
  5. Insert the small spring back into the pocket of the upper cover and press the upper cover into place to complete the installation.

View and dowload the PDF version here.

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