Why does my generator not shut off when using propane?

Updated by Juan Velez

This information covers the following Champion Power Equipment models: All Champion Dual-Fuel models.

When operating your portable generator on LPG, the propane fuel valve must first be shut off before the engine can cease.

Unlike gasoline, when you close this fuel valve, the machine stops instantly; just like an ignition switch. You can also shut the propane tank off at its own valve, that will also stop it instantly. The idea is that you are not allowed to stop the machine with the propane lines open. You should never have an open propane system that is solely depending on the diaphragm of the pressure reducing valve as the only stop from it flowing freely.

The diaphragm opens only when the engine is in operation or starting because of the vacuum this creates. So, by forcing you to close a valve, we ensure there is no possible chance of leakage in the interim should the diaphragm fail, for example.

We must be responsible in our design and instruction to the user. Anything short of closing the propane valve would not meet this obligation.

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