Why Does My Generator Abruptly Stop after 20-40 Minutes?

Updated by Scott Henning

As the outside temperatures rise, it is possible for the fuel tank to pressurize or actually become vacuum sealed due to the gas cap failing to check the pressure or vacuum. As the tank gets warmer the gas expands and requires the expansion of air space to breathe and balance from inside the tank to the outside atmospheric pressure. 

In the event that the gas cap fails to allow air to balance, it is possible for a vacuum to be created as the fuel is gravity drained to the carburetor. If a vacuum happens, it will cause the fuel to stop its flow until the vacuum is allowed to balance with the outside air. If this happens, when you open the gas cap, you will hear a rush of air into the tank. The fuel cap is defective and must be replaced. If you think you have these symptoms, it is best to call our tech line for evaluation and/or replacement.

Our tech line can be reached 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling 1-877-338-0999.

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