Carburetor Replacement 41332 and 41532 (Choke Dampener Spring)

Updated by Juan Velez

What to do if the Choke Dampener Spring becomes dislodged from the assembly.

Please read the instructions carefully and completely before performing service.

  • To reduce the risk of injury, user must read and understand the operator’s manual before using this product.
  • DO NOT make any adjustments to the generator without first stopping the engine and disconnecting the spark plug wire.
  • Burns from hot parts — let the engine cool completely before touching hot parts.
  • Injury from moving parts
  • To reduce the possibility of fire or explosion, be careful when working around gasoline. Keep cigarettes, sparks and flames away from all fuel‐related parts.
  1. If the choke dampener spring becomes dislodged from the carburetor assembly, remove the assembly from the mounting studs, so that the springs can be reinstalled.
  2. Disassemble the steel stepper motor plate from the assembly, so that the choke coupler (black piece) is free from the assembly. (A)
  3. Reattach the choke dampener spring to the choke coupler. (B)
    See below.
  4. Once the spring is reattached to the choke coupler, reinsert the choke couple back into the choke arm. (C)
    See below.
  5. Match the stepper shaft (gold piece) up with the groove in the choke stepper motor (black piece). These pieces must be matched up in order for the steel stepper plate to fit back on/with the assembly. (D)
    See below.
  6. Once these two pieces have matched up, carefully reattach the steel stepper arm with the assembly. (E)
    See below.

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