Contacting Us

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By Phone

Our customer support line is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To reach us, dial 1-877-338-0999. Be sure to have your product's model and serial numbers handy.

  • Please listen to the main menu completely to be sure you reach the correct department.
  • If you know your party's extension, press "8" when prompted to.
  • If your wait time reachces five minutes, you will be asked if you would like to receive a callback. This will save your place in line and will help to avoid long hold times over the phone.

By Email

To drop us a line, please visit our Contact Us page.

  • Be sure to include a detailed description of any questions or concerns you may have with the model, and if applicable, the serial number of your product.

By Live Chat

To use our live chat feature, you must be present on our Site.

  • To begin a live chat with us, click the circular icon at the bottom, right corner of the page. A new window will appear. Tap on "Live Chat" at the very top of the widget.

Register Your New Product

It is best to have the product you are reaching out about registered beforehand, so our specialists can easily find your information. Any and all products can be registered on our Product Registration page.

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